The data displayed below was captured from February 10th thru 24th, 2016.
The audience was mostly made up of film and advertising professionals.

We purposely excluded close friends and family members with the exception
of those of you that happen to be both close friends and in the biz.

Survey Stats

Test Screeners Sent Out
Movie Plays
Survey Responses

The Results

Except for the “would you recommend to a friend” question, all the data below was based on a 5-star rating.

How would you rate the movie overall?

3.95 / 5

Would you recommend this movie to your friends?

Yes, Definitely 56%
Yes, Probably 27%
No, probably not 16%
No, definitely not 1%

Male Lead Actor (Karl Jacob)

3.95 / 5

Female Lead Actress (Alexis Bronkovic)

4.47 / 5

Supporting Cast: Fishing Friends (Chiko Mendez, Christopher Diaz)

3.84 / 5

The story/idea

3.78 / 5

The cinematography/visuals

4.74 / 5

The pace (editing)

4.00 / 5

The music

4.42 / 5

Uniqueness of film

4.17 / 5

The character development

3.72 / 5

Selection of Viewer Comments:

All surveys were submitted anonymously.
Therefore, all the comments below are credited to Anonymous.

Most Constructive Comment

“The ending sticks because I was so disturbed by it. If that was the goal then mission accomplished. I do feel that the problem with it sticking in my mind is that I feel that the characters have lost their humanity and so I lose my point of view as a viewer.”

Best Bad Review

“I hated it. How could you make this? I feel like I need therapy now.”

Another Constructive Comment

“Even though the movie lost my interest in the first few minutes I enjoyed it, and it was crafted in a way that at the end it touched me more than what I would have liked.”

Best Use of Vocabulary

“Great movie. Tailor made for festival audiences. Absolutely terrifying, and relatable to first-time parents who feel overwhelmed. Very post-Slacker Linklater. Quietly tumultuous.”

Biggest Stroke to my Ego

“There is only one word to describe the cinematography, on screen performance and the Directing, and that is Brilliant (American English Definition.) There is something about finding that one individual to love that gives life a special meaning. The compassion, the intimacy, the understanding that comes with finding the right person to spend your life with is unique – But it’s When real love collides with our selfish hearts that makes life alluring. Capo has created something with his gifted mind which will leave the audience stupefied. It’s a Looking Glass film, You don’t just watch the scenes happening, you feel them. Alexis Bronkovic is a great example of that, On-screen performance was nothing less than astonishing. The supporting cast too did an extraordinary work. Intended to seduce us, mess with our heads and leave an ever-lasting impression, Pete Capo’s finest work to date.”

Viewers wanted more exposition / backstory.

“I thought it was well paced, and the length was fine. I don’t know why I think it should be have been more expository, especially now that I’ve seen it five or so times. But I did, initially. I wanted more. I might still want more, actually.

I wanted to see more in the beginning also with him in the prison uniform”

This could have been a 45-minute film. I felt like the opening montage could have been teased out maybe twice as long as it was. The transition to the prison interview, and the interview itself, could have been lengthened and imbued with more tense silent moments, more details from the room.”

Most Introspective Responses on
“Is there something about the film that you
will be thinking about for the rest of the day?”

“Just makes me wanna hug my kids for not making me crazy.”

“How blessed we are.”

“How we choose the wrong and not necessarily the easiest path as human beings.”

There’s science behind this. Read about it here.

Our Favorite Descriptions of the Movie

“I would describe it as a taut little drama, possibly the darkest black comedy ever or even a meditation on horror, that presents an otherwise ordinary couple who finds themselves facing extraordinary circumstances after the birth of their child.”

“A drama about human nature’s least shining actions.”

“A psych thriller about a very selfish and co-dependent couple and the baby suffers for it”

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