Dear Mary,

Finding you was a miracle.

That twinkle in your eye leaves me mesmerized for days.

No pain of any kind will ever come between us again.

The crying, like a siren, pierces until it disappears.


Oleander is inspired by the 2014 death of Cooper Harris.

A lobster boat captain barely making ends meet is madly in love with his wife, an up and coming artist. Their simple, yet fulfilling, life takes an unexpected turn after the birth of their daughter. We follow the unraveling of their relationship, and the desperate measures they take to win back the life they once had.

Thematically, Oleander asks, which love is the most powerful? Romantic love, the love of your own child, or love for yourself?

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Total Running Time: 26min

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Absolutely terrifying, and relatable to first-time parents who feel overwhelmed. Very post-Slacker Linklater. Quietly tumultuous.

Anonymous Film Screening Review

“Capo has created something with his gifted mind which will leave the audience stupefied. Intended to seduce us, mess with our heads and leave an ever-lasting impression, Pete Capo’s finest work to date.”

Anonymous Film Screening Review

“The ending sticks because I was so disturbed by it. If that was the goal then mission accomplished. I do feel that the problem with it sticking in my mind is that I feel that the characters have lost their humanity and so I lose my point of view as a viewer.”

Anonymous Film Screening Review

“Just makes me wanna hug my kids for not making me crazy.”

Anonymous Film Screening Review

“I would describe it as a taut little drama, possibly the darkest black comedy ever or even a meditation on horror, that presents an otherwise ordinary couple who finds themselves facing extraordinary circumstances after the birth of their child.”

Anonymous Film Screening Review

"You'll never get distribution for this because you killed the baby."

Shorts HDLinda Olszewski

“I hated it. How could you make this? I feel like I need therapy now.”

Anonymous Film Screening Review


Written and Directed by
Pete Capó

Karl Jacob
Greg Schroeder
Alexis Bronkovic
Chiko Mendez
Christopher Diaz

Juan Carlos Sauczuk

Pete Capo

Associate Producers
Gloria Capo
Angie Capo
Alex Abigantus

Erica Palgon

Production Designer
Peter Parente

MakeUp and Wardrobe
Gloria Capo

Location Sound
Mike Pijuan

Sound Mix
Carlos “Storm” Martinez

Assistant Camera
Alex Somarriba
David Piersigilli

Nicolas Donadio

David Escorcia
Miguel Donadio

Prop Assistans
Orlando Muñoz
Eric Silva

Production Assistans
Cristina Rivera
Natalia Molina
George Patterson
Verena Faden

Pedro A. Capo
Ana Mary Capo
Jesus Rene Capo
Jackie Capo
Jesline Capo
Domingo Rivero
Marisa Rivero
Eduardo Blanco
Rita Blanco
Frank Peraza
Rosie Batista Garcia
Fernando Arciniega
Elizabeth Pines
Alex Abigantús
Julian Martin
Jason Oliver
Francisco J. Ortega

Special Thanks
Pedro and Ana Mary Capo
Derek Capo
Jaime and Nicole Abigantus
Ernesto Perez
Julian Martin
Adrian Orozco
Paul and Tati Orozco
Rafael Benedetti
Julia Soto
Mario Deas
Shermalee Nicholson
Bianka Krausch
Jamie Kravitz
Linda Isrel
Dorothea Belz
Micah Hauptman